Former Minister  Dhakal laud reconciliation in the Middle East

JERUSALEM, June 22: Former Minister for Peace and Reconstruction of the Government of Nepal appeal for peaceful reconciliation in the Middle East. Dhakal was speaking at a special discussion organized at the Knesset Negev Hall inside the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem.

The discussion was chaired by the deputy speaker of the Knesset Hilik Bar. Lawmakers from the Middle East and Europe including Turkey, Italy and Ukraine were in attendance. Dhakal is visiting Israel accepting the invitation of deputy Speaker of Israeli Knesset Hilik Bar.

“I am carrying the good wishes of the Nepalese people yearning for the conclusion of the Israel-Palestinian peace talks and reconciliation in the Middle East” Dhakal said. While interacting with Israeli lawmakers Dhakal emphasized an urgent need for international dialogue and cooperation for Peace.

Former Minister Dhakal was in the view that the human race is heading towards a new world order. “Priorities, power bases, alliances and allies are changing dramatically. New influences are emerging daily. But how can we channel these monumental transitions to benefit the welfare of all people? I believe that this is one of the important tasks of Parliamentarians. But in order to tackle threats to peace we must work together.” Dhakal underlined.

Highlighting on Nepal’s peace process Dhakal stated that “After the Maoists came in the main stream of politics; we promulgated a new constitution through two Constituent Assemblies. This is unparalleled in history. Militant communists joined with democrats to write a new constitution. They are now working together to transform our country economically and socially.”

Leading Member of the Nepalese Legislature Parliament Dhakal further went on and said “Our peace process taught us that it is not through violent conflict but through peaceful and democratic ways — starting with dialogue — that we can ultimately solve our problems. Peace-building requires the commitment of two parties in the quest for peace. It cannot be one-sided.” Dhakal also interacted with leaders of Palestine authority separately.

The discussion was jointly organized by the Members of Israeli Knesset and International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP). Dhakal is a Chairman of the IAPP in Asia. He will arrive Nepal on Saturday.

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